Episode 58 - Flying Cars And Robots

What's up everybody! The year is off to a great start and this month has not let us down! While there's always gonna be stuff that can bum us out, let's focus on the positive! This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 57 - Inspired To Be Happy

Our number one goal in life should be: To be happy. There's nothing more important. So let's go get it! This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 56 - You Can't Quantize Your Life

Music software is designed to do a whole mess of things. You can make sounds. You can record the sounds. You can change the timing. You can change the key. All of which at a push of a button. But we're all musicians in a way. And our bodies are the instrument. We got to figure it out on our own what buttons to push. This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 55 - What Planet Are You On?

Hello. And welcome to Earth. We have all kinds of great stuff going on here. From music and architecture to scientists and surfers. From double-bacon burgers to The Great Barrier Reef, we got something for the whole family! Act now while supplies last! This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 54 - Humanity, For Real

There's no monopoly on love and it's a very underrated power source. I think we're all human, except for some potential alien dudes hidden in the trees, so we should be good to one another. And ESPECIALLY if you're an extraterrestrial being, I got mad love for you.This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 53 - A Little Goes A Long Way

Sometimes we get hung up. What's going on in the world? With our government? With your boss at work? I say all you gots to do is stay focused and keep making moves. A little goes a long way for your health and your wealth. This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 52 - Cleanin' Out Your Closet

You ever feel like your room is messy? Your closet is in disarray? Perhaps your wardrobe is full of too many stylish clothes? Well get up off of that thing and clean out that closet! This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 51 - Kickin' It Tough When You're Sick

We all get sick sometimes. Some people more than others. But what we do when we're sick says a lot about the kind of people we are. Are we kickin' it tough? Or are we living our lives, business as usual? This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 50 - Kickin' It Tough In The New Year

Welcome to 2017 everybody! It's a time for reflection, perspective and motivation. Leave the past in the past. If it was supposed to happen, it would've happened. This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 47 - A Very Kickin' It Tough Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly. We should always appreciate the real reasons behind the holidays we celebrate and Christmas is no different. Time to recap the origin of Christmas and that bad, bad man named Kris Kringle. This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 46 - So Much To Do, So Little Time

You ever feel worn out, stressed out, beat down and there isn't enough time in the day to do what the things that make you happy? Well you're not alone my friends. This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 45 - Go Bless Yourself

Sometimes to get the blessings, ya gots to give the blessings. That's what's up. This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 44 - The Law of Attraction

Everyday we get to decide what's important in life. The more energy, thought and attention we can put into the things we want, the more we'll see it happen in real life. This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 43 - Something To Look Forward To

We all need something to look forward to in our lives. Whether it's something like Christmas or New Years, or something like a nice turkey sandwich, it's important to be excited about life! Get into it! This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 42 - National Kickin' It Tough Month: A Month In Review

You know what gang? It's been a long month. Lot of up's and down's going on. Your main man Bennett has been workin' hard, kickin' it super tough. There's a lot to celebrate. Lot to be thankful for. Keep aspiring for greatness! This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 41 - When In Love

It's all good. It's all love. When in love, one must kick it tough to ensure a lasting and beautiful relationship. Get your love language on. This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 40 - The Thanksgiving Episode

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and showing the love. Turns out that's what kickin' it tough is all about too. Coincidence? This is Kickin' It Tough!

Episode 39 - Pimp Your Life

Sometimes I wish that Xzibit followed me around and said motivating things when times get rough. Good thing I kick it tough and have a surplus of love and positivity so Xzibit can keep his day job. This is Kickin' It Tough!