Kickin’ It Tough started as a podcast about enjoying life and finding peace back in 2016. But like all of us, Kickin’ It Tough has been on it’s own journey of self-discovery. Now, alongside your faithful host, your main man Bennett, we must now embark on yet another journey.

Have you ever watched a movie so good you thought, “Oh lordy, yes, that movie is in my top ten, for sure.” Well, here at the Kickin’ It Tough Studios your main man Bennett has done the unthinkable: the task of piecing together his TOP 100 movies, not of “all time” but of “his time.” So come along and discover or re-discover your old favorites or new favorites with your main man Bennett.

"If thou shalt kick it tough, thou shalt also kick it equally tough with thine neighbor and brethren."  - an except from The Book of Kickin'


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